Information for authors

Chartered Accountants Ireland Publishing, the only specialist accountancy publisher for the island of Ireland, is currently seeking to publish advice, opinion and research of use to members of Chartered Accountants Ireland as well as the wider professional and business communities.

Since 2005, we have built up an extensive back catalogue of over 80 titles, many of which are updated annually or regularly improved as new editions. This year, we will publish a broad range of new titles on topics, including capital investment, managing professionals and the tax implications of insolvency.

If you are an academic, a professional practitioner or an accountant in business, and have an idea for a book on accounting, audit, business, management, strategy, tax, law, governance, ethics, or any related issue, we would like to hear from you.

How to submit a book proposal

The first step is to submit a proposal to the publishing team, when we will carefully review it for suitability. Please send your proposal by email as we cannot return unsolicited manuscripts. It does not have to be a full draft manuscript, but should include some key points:

  • A synopsis of the proposed book (approx. one page), its main objective, and its intended reader(s).
  • A table of contents, or outline of how the book’s argument will proceed.
  • An author biography (usually 150 words) or CV, with up-to-date contact information.
  • If available, a sample chapter (it does not have to be the first chapter, but something representative);
  • If you have completed a draft manuscript, please indicate this in your proposal, but do not send in an unsolicited manuscript in your initial correspondence. We will request this after first reviewing your proposal.
  • The review process can vary from weeks to months, depending on our publishing schedule and whether the topic is time-sensitive, i.e. in advance of a major conference or the introduction of relevant new legislation. We will endeavour to respond to all submissions as quickly as possible.

Please also note that:

  • Submissions should be original and all source materials relied upon should be appropriately acknowledged in footnotes in the complete draft.
  • Proposals must not have been previously published. Please indicate if you are submitting to multiple publishers.
  • Acceptance of a proposal for development does not guarantee its publication.
  • Please note we publish non-fiction books about tax, accountancy, business and law, etc. We do not accept submissions of fiction or memoirs.

Proposals should be submitted by email to

Please indicate ‘Proposal’ in the subject line.