Our “At a Glance” series gives an overview of changes from 1 January 2021 in ROI and NI, particularly to VAT and Customs.

15.12.20 At a glance_ Brexit and VAT (NI)
15.12.20 At a glance_ Brexit and VAT (ROI)
At a glance_ Brexit and Customs (NI) 15.12.20
At a glance_ Brexit and Customs (ROI) (1)
Common transit area
10 things_trade in goods
10 things_trade in services

ICAEW and Chartered Accountants Ireland - 2018

This publication in 2018 was a collaboration between the ICAEW and Chartered Accountants Ireland. Compiled by expert staff from the two Institutes, it was designed to be easily distributed within member organisations, or externally to clients, customers or suppliers.


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Watch our webinars with experts discussing everything from customs, to the Protocol on Ireland/Northern Ireland and the Trader Support Service.

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Have you been hit with extra charges and delays when shopping online? Now that the UK has left the EU, consumers in Ireland that buy from the UK could now face VAT and customs charges. Find out more about why these charges arise and what Brexit means for your consumer rights.
In light of the recent trade agreement reached between the UK & EU, Crona Clohisey, Institute Public Policy Lead, discusses what this means for businesses with Tony Connelly, RTE’s Europe Editor and Carol Lynch, Partner/Customs Expert with BDO.
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Watch our webinar on 17 December with EY on VAT and Brexit. Slides are available here.

Look back on our latest webinar as we dive into all things Brexit and Customs with Raphael Ryan, Assistant Principal with the Revenue Commissioners. 

“Businesses are being forgotten in the Brexit negotiations” - was the common message across all of our speakers’ opening remarks at our recent “Brexit: The Final Countdown” event held on 26 November.
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Watch the North West Society’s Lunch Time Brexit Briefing with fantastic speakers Laura Cassidy of Gilroy Gannon and Anthony Buckley of Anthony Buckley Consulting. Q&A is on our LinkedIn page here.
Watch the Institute’s webinar on the UK Trader Support Service, as the speakers discuss how to prepare for the changes under the Protocol on Ireland/Northern Ireland, and what the Trader Support Service does (and doesn’t do), and how it will work as a customs intermediary service for NI trade.
Watch the Institute’s webinar on “Navigating Trade Beyond Borders”, as the speakers discuss the political aspects of the current negotiations, the impact on both ROI and NI businesses, the common transit convention and using the UK and EU as landbridges, and how customs administration can be simplified down the line using SGS’s TransitNet.