Suite of current bye-laws and regulations

Chartered Accountants Ireland is responsible for the setting of standards of professional conduct with which members, member firms, students and affiliates must comply.

This includes rules governing systems for authorising members and member firms to carry on certain types of business and rules governing the supervision of members, member firms, students and affiliates though proactive monitoring and a robust complaints handling and disciplinary system.  Guidance is also issued in relation to the standards.

The standards of professional conduct include:

  • Public Practice Regulations
  • Audit Regulations & Guidance ROI
  • Audit Regulations & Guidance UK
  • Continuing Professional Development Regulations
  • Designated Professional Body Handbook
  • Insolvency Licensing Regulations & Guidance (GB/NI)
  • Investment Business Regulations & Guidance (ROI)
  • Code of Ethics
  • Disciplinary Bye-Laws
  • Disciplinary Regulations
  • Money Laundering Supervision Regulations (ROI)
  • Air Travel Organisers Licence (ATOL) Reporting Regulations

The current standards of professional conduct, as well as the Institute’s Principle Bye-Laws, are all available here.    An archive of previous versions of the standards of professional conduct are available here.

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