Tax Gather & Check – Tax Checklists for 2017

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Great news for Tax Practitioners – 2017 version now available!

Price: €95.00  

Release date: 8 December 2017

A good start is half the work! The toolkit will help you to improve your information gathering all year long, to take the pressure off you at deadline time.
Why invest valuable staff and partner time writing your own personal and corporation tax return checklists when you can have this pack for just €95?

Information capture can be one of the main overheads in the preparation of tax returns. A series of user-friendly checklists, Tax Gather & Check is designed to help you streamline your procedures and assist you in asking the right questions to capture essential details for Personal Tax and Corporation Tax Returns in the Republic of Ireland.
The toolkit contains four checklists as follows:

  • Personal Tax Return Checklist for the 2017 tax year;
  • Personal Tax Return Reviewer’s Checklist for the 2017 tax year;
  • Corporation Tax Return Checklist for companies with accounting periods ending in 2017;
  • Corporation Tax Return Reviewer’s Checklist for companies with accounting periods ending in 2017

Also included on the CD is:

  • A schedule of Common Tax Rates and Bands for 2017 & 2018.

Available in an easy to use format, as PDF documents on CD, the checklists can be printed, completed and kept on client files.

Don’t miss out … get these checklists now.

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