Tutor biographies

   Meet your tutors and guest speakers
Lead Tutor: Karen Dillon BSc, ACA, AITI, MIIA, MSc
Senior Audit Manager, Ulster Bank, RBS Internal Audit

As a Chartered Accountant with an Executive Masters in Risk Management from UCD, Karen has over 16 years experience in risk management, managing change, leading audits across all banking business units and empowering team members to reach their goals. Karen is also a member of the Institute of Internal Auditors and the Institute of Taxation. 

Read what Karen has to say about the programme:

"The course has exceeded my expectations as I’ve seen high interest and engagement from this first year’s candidates, I have been informed they can see the immediate practical benefit by applying the new technical aspects of this course material in their roles today. In addition, they can enhance their leadership style from the soft skills this course provides. So if you wish to further your career in Risk Management, Assurance or Compliance this course will aid you with a recognised qualification and practical skills."

Fiona Buckley, Lecturer and Corporate Trainer

Fiona has 15 years industry experience in the field of People Development, HR and Professional services. Fiona is an independent trainer, lecturer and conference speaker in the area of work-behaviour. Fiona holds a Masters in Work Behaviour and Occupational psychology and lectures in DCU. Fiona is also a trained stage improviser-which affords her the skill to be in the moment and react to situations as they occur which she includes as part of her teaching in this course.

Read what Fiona has to say about the programme:

"This Diploma offers a unique blend of technical and interpersonal skills which reflects the nature of the type of individual that is needed in the corporate world. It offers practical and insightful learning methods which results in each participants having a tailored experience that is customised to suit their own needs". 

Dr Allan Kearns, Central Bank of Ireland Allan was a founding member and deputy head of the Central Bank of Ireland’s internal risk management function. This role included responsibilities for both financial and non-financial risk management frameworks. He has been a member of both the CBI’s and the European Central Bank’s risk management committees.  Allan lectures on current risk management topics both domestically and internationally. He is Chair of the Audit, Risk and Finance Committee for the Asthma Society of Ireland. He holds an MSc Economics from the London School of Economics, an MSc Risk Management from University College Dublin, and a doctorate from Trinity College Dublin. 

Read what Alan has to say about the programme:

“There are three successful ingredients to becoming a truly successful risk management, internal auditor or compliance professional: an understanding of the design of risk management, audit and compliance frameworks; an appreciation of the importance of organisational culture, and the added value of developing leadership and interpersonal effectiveness.”

Clive Kelly, Vice Chair, ACOI, Partner Re Ireland Insurance Ltd Clive Kelly is General Manager and Executive Director of Partner Re Ireland Insurance Ltd. a subsidiary of Partner Reinsurance. He has a business degree from the University of Dublin and is a Chartered Insurer. Clive teaches on a number of programmes for the School of Professional Finance (IOB).; Executive Masters in Risk Management; MSC in Compliance; Graduate Diploma In Financial Services and the undergraduate degree in Financial. Clive has written and contributed to text books on the topics of Insurance, Compliance, Risk Management and Consumer Credit and speaks widely both nationally and internationally on a wide variety of topics and has published a number of articles on risk management for industry journals such as Banking Ireland and has written in the national press on the topic of Compliance.
Melanie Blake, Chairperson, ACOI, HedgeServ Melanie Blake is Director of Compliance at HedgeServ a global, independent administrator headquartered in New York City and Dublin.

Prior to joining HedgeServ, Melanie was Global Risk & Compliance Director and headed the Regulatory Compliance practice of an international law firm for a number of years. She had previously spent over ten years in regulatory compliance roles in the financial services industry across the life and pensions, banking and asset management sectors.

Melanie who is Chair of the ACOI has been a member of the Board of the ACOI since 2011.

Melanie was a member of the Education Committee for a number of years and the Credit Union Working Group and was Chair of the Ethics Committee. Melanie is a LCOI, a Chartered Banker, holds a MBA specialising in Regulation & Compliance and a LLB. Melanie was also the author of PDC 1 between 2008 and 2013.