Employment & Investment Incentive Scheme (EIIS) Masterclass


The raising of funding is essential for all Irish owned businesses in the current dynamic entrepreneurial environment. Hence, any adviser to an Irish company must be aware of the tax benefits of the Employment and Investment Incentive Scheme ("EIIS). Also, all advisers to high net worth individuals should attend this course so that they have their finger on the pulse on tax-efficient investment opportunities.

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Chartered Accountants House, , Dublin
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03 December 2019 09:30
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03 December 2019 12:30
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Mary Julianne Nyhan


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CPD course

Who should attend

This course is for all advisers to Irish owned companies ranging from the start-up company to the welll-established international company. This course will provide the required knowledge to accountants, tax and corporate finance advisers and wealth managers so that they are bested placed to continue to advise Irish enterpreneurs. All advisers to high net worth individuals are advised to attend so they are aware of current tax efficient investment products.

Course overview

  • Cash-flow benefits of EIIS tax relief
  • How EIIS works in line with other fund-raising strategies
  • Outline of the conditions to satisfy in order to avail of the relief
  • Simplication of the complex legislative provisions introduced over the last few years including clarification on the 2018 Finance Act provisions.
  • Outline of the process to apply for relief
  • Various worked illustrative examples
  • A commercial outline of the EIIS products available in the market
  • Company profiles who have availed of EIIS to grow their business

Key learning outcomes

By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Better placed to advise Irish growing companies on funding opportunities.
  • Aware of investment opportunities for high net worth indivdiuals and the benefits/risks of EIIS.
  • Aware of the conditions and landmines to satisfy.
  • Aware of recent of legislative changes
  • Understanding of the market place appetite for EIIS

Speaker Bio

Mary has over 24 years of experience as a tax adviser. She is particularly interested in advising Irish owned companies and entrepreneurs. She has worked extensively with Enterprise Ireland in the last number of years on the tax aspects of the challengaes facing Irish companies as they expand in Ireland and abroad. She has been lead tax adviser for a number of companies from growth stage to IPO listing. Her previous roles include Arthur Andersen, tax director in KPMG and Partner in RSM FGS.