FAQs: Audit qualification requirements

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  1. How much is the application fee?

    The cost is €174/£118. However if you were admitted as a member before 1 January 1990 there is a different charge.

  2. Is this fee an annual charge?

    No, it is a one-off fee.

  3. If I was admitted as a member before 1 January 1990, am I deemed to meet the educational requirement for Audit Qualification?

    Yes, as the regulations state, 'a member admitted before 1 January 1990 shall be deemed to meet the required standard. If you wish to received confirmation that you have meet the educational requirement for the Audit Qualification use the query form below to request this. There is a charge of €40 for administration.

  4. Once I have met the educational requirement under the regulations does this mean that I am authorised to practice?

    No, you must get in contact with the CARB . The confirmation letter acknowledges that you have gained the required educational experience to act to go on to apply to be an auditor. In order accept appointment as an auditor you must first apply for and be granted audit registration, as set out in the Institute's Audit Regulations and Guidance 1995 (as amended), by the Professional Standards Department.

  5. How much Auditing experience do I need?

    You will need to complete a total of 46 weeks auditing experience of which 23 must be in company audit, during your training contract or on completion of the training contract and have passed the Audit elective in the New FAE from 2010

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