Business Plan Modelling using Excel


Effective business planning is fundamental to success in business. This course shows how building the plan model is the first step in transforming ideas into tangible reality. It demonstrates how a well-organised plan shows if the concepts make sound business sense.

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Virtual Classroom, , Online
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25 June 2020 09:30
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26 June 2020 13:00
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Professional Training


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CPD course
Technology and data


This course will be delivered over two half days via Zoom. Thursday 25 & Friday 26 June 2020, 9:30am - 1:00pm .

Who should attend

This course is designed for accountants, and other business professionals, who have had limited involvement in business planning on Excel and require more competence in business planning techniques. Participants must have a good knowledge of Excel basics (including Excel functions such as IF, Choose, etc.). It will be assumed that participants understand the principle rules in working with Interactive Spreadsheets and have knowledge of, or have attended, the Institute's Intermediate Excel course and ideally the Advanced course.

Course overview

  • Modelling to incorporate future needs
  • Building the detailed working sheet and importing workings from subsidiary schedules
  • Dealing with capital expenditure and funding
  • Developing Profit and Loss, Balance Sheets and Cash Flows and adjusting these with minimum level inputs
  • Sensitivity analyses, goal seeking and scenario setting
  • Preparing formulae to relate accounting concepts in spreadsheets
  • Building checks and balances to ensure model integrity throughout workbooks

Key learning outcomes

By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Maximise flexibility and business model dynamics while incorporating future needs
  • Compete for support and resources with the aid of a convincing plan either internally or for their clients

What do you need to access this course

  • To get the most from your course, it is strongly recommended that participants have two monitors. This allows the Zoom window to be in one monitor and the application that is the subject of the training in the other
  • It is possible to attend the training with a single monitor and there are some specific techniques that we can demonstrate to make the most of the available screen real estate. Please make sure you inform the trainer at and ensure to attend the test session before your course if you have a single monitor
  • It is strongly advised that all participants attend the test session prior to the training - this will allow you to verify that your computer and internet connection will work properly and iron out any technical issues in advance
  • The course will be delivered using Microsoft Office 365 Professional. If you are using this software, please ensure it is installed and that you are logged in properly - some features are disabled until you log in. Please inform the trainer or email us if you are using an older version of Microsoft Office and be aware that some of the features covered in the training may not be available
  • We prepare our files on Windows 10 - if you would like to us an Apple MacBook please ensure that Office is installed and verify that the course files open properly prior to the training

Speaker bio

Professional Training is a group of experienced specialists providing focused training in IT and Management skills. Our trainers use a combination of tailored, flexible approaches and real-life business knowledge to develop and provide techniques and solutions for immediate implementation by our course participants. We have delivered a range of CPD programmes with Chartered Accountants Ireland since 1997. Website: