Benefits of in-house training

Benefits to members

  • Simplifies CPD; offering you reassurance that your organisations in-house training scheme will enable you to fulfil your CPD requirements
  • It will mean that you are no longer required to retain dual records, instead if requested to submit your CPD records to the regulator (Professional Standards department of Chartered Accountants Ireland) your internal employer records will suffice as evidence
  • Promotes links between your professional body, Chartered Accountants Ireland and your employer, enhancing the understanding within management and HR as to what your unique training and development needs are.

Benefits to employers

  • Public recognition of the employers commitment to training and development
  • Enhances their reputation as an ‘employer of choice’ who invests in the development of its employees
  • Reassures the chartered accountants you employ that your in-house scheme follows ‘best practice’ and compliance will enable them to meet their CPD obligations
  • Promote communication with chartered accountants Ireland, linking the chartered accountancy ‘brand’ to your organisation
  • CPD will remain the responsibility of the individual chartered accountants Ireland member; the employer is solely committing to support them in meeting these requirements.

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