Training tickets

Training Ticket 

Our CPD Training Ticket to make it easier than ever for you to meet your CPD requirements, in the most cost-effective way.

Training Tickets are designed to cater for groups and individual bookings, so whether you’re looking after the training requirements of a large finance team or your own requirements, this is the best value solution.

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How can I purchase a Training Ticket?

  1. It's easy! Simply purchase a Training Ticket (Click on Buy Training Ticket button)
  2. You will then receive your Training Ticket code in a confirmation email (You can share this code with your team)
  3. Go to our shop to browse and select from our wide range of classroom and online options
  4. Enter your Training Ticket code at checkout  

How have the Training Tickets been simplified?

  • Calculate savings easily:

    The average cost of CPD per hour is €30/£26 and with our new training ticket pay only €22/£19 per hour that’s a massive saving of €8/£7 per hour
  • More details:

    All eligible courses detail the number of CPD hours that you will gain, and the cost in Training Ticket points that you will need to purchase the course
  • More choices:

    We have over 300 classroom and online courses and over 70 expert speakers covering technical and leadership content and much more so there's something for everyone
  • One for all:

    Training Tickets are for both members and non-members alike
  • Receive code:

    Once purchased you will receive an email confirmation with the Training Ticket code. This number can be shared with colleagues allowing your teams and colleagues to book directly and enjoy big savings
  • Quarterly reporting:

    You will also receive a quarterly report that contains a breakdown of how many Training Ticket points are left and what courses have been booked

Tickets Top ups

Training Tickets are valid until the end of the year and can be topped up at any time , please contact us to apply a top up.


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