CPD training tickets terms and conditions

CPD training ticket terms and conditions of sale and usage

Buying your training ticket

  • The CPD team will inform you of available training ticket options for you or your organisation to help you make your selection.
  • There is a minimum purchase on any new training ticket.
  • Training tickets are not refundable.

Topping up your training ticket

  • You can top up an existing ticket by any amount of points at any time of the year.
  • Tickets top ups of fewer than 20 hours must be paid in advance.

What does a training ticket look like?

  • Your training ticket is a digital code used every time you book a CPD course through the Chartered Accountants Ireland website. This code/number will be emailed to you shortly after purchase/ This code will be in the format TRCXX_XXXXX_202X.

Training ticket statement

  • Each month, you will receive by email a training ticket statement showing your usage to date and remaining points.

What's included and what's excluded?

    Training tickets can be used for:

  • Classroom CPD courses in ROI and NI
  • District Society CPD-sanctioned events
  • IT courses
  • Online CPD courses including accountingCPD.net and Kubicle online CPD courses.

    Training tickets cannot be used for:

  • Chartered Accountants Ireland specialist qualifications (diplomas, certificates and Chartered Tax Consultant)
  • Other Chartered Accountants Ireland products or services, (examples include but are not limited to publications, toolkits, membership annual subscriptions)
  • Part-payment for a course: in these instances, it is better value to top up an existing ticket to the required value.

Time limits of your training ticket

  • Your training ticket can only be used in the year of sale. Unfortunately, points cannot be carried over to subsequent years.

How would you like to use your training ticket?

  • Your training ticket can be used by you or anyone in your organisation. The course participant need not be an accountant or member of Chartered Accountants Ireland.
  • We advise booking in advance to ensure your place on your chosen course(s).

I am an individual with my own ticket

  • Simply book online for your classroom or online course using your training ticket code in the relevant field.

I have a training ticket that I will use for my whole organisation

  • It is advisable to inform and regularly remind your staff that the training ticket is available. This will avoid others booking a course and a separate invoice being raised.
  • You can book courses online for individuals or groups by inputting the training ticket code in the relevant field.
  • To optimise ease of use of your training ticket, it can be useful to have one point of contact for the training ticket to receive statements, track usage and to top up.

Using your training ticket to book CPD online courses

  • To book your staff onto an online course, the course recipient/viewer should be logged in to make the booking. Online courses are automatically added to the "My courses and downloads" area in their "My Account" area of the person logged in at the time of booking.
  • This content will remain on your account for six months, even if your training ticket expires during this period.

Cancellations, participant substitutions and refunds

  • We know that sometimes circumstances mean you cannot attend a course as or when you planned:
    • Cancellations must be received in writing at least 48 hours before the start of a regular CPD course and 10 days before the start of an IT course
    • You may substitute an alternative delegate in writing before the start of a course
    • Not showing up on the day without prior communication in line with the cancellation policy will result in the course attendee being marked absent and points will not be added back onto the training ticket.

In extenuating circumstances, we may need to alter the published programme, speaker or venue or to cancel an event. Registered participants will be notified of changes using the email address of the training ticket holder.



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