Training ticket FAQs

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  1. What are training tickets?

    Training tickets allow an individual or organisation to purchase a number of points worth of CPD training at a reduced rate.

  2. How does it work?

    • We send you a digital code that you use every time you book a CPD course through the Chartered Accountants Ireland website.
    • Training ticket codes are used on our website instead of your credit/ debit card.
    • Each course carries an allocated number of points. 
    • Every time you purchase a course with a ticket, the corresponding points for that course are deducted from your overall total.
    • You will receive a monthly statement showing how many points you have used/remain, who has used the ticket and what course have been booked
  3. My first acountancy practice - an example!

    My First Accountancy Practice purchases a 20 point training ticket, and they are issued with a training ticket number. This ticket allows anyone in the practice (not just ICAI members) to attend a maximum of 20 points worth of CPD training courses in total.

    Mr A. Counts is a partner at My First Accountancy Practice. He is not a Chartered Accountants Ireland member. He has a look at the CPD courses listed on the website and decides he would like to attend a Practice Day for 7 hours and an Accounting Standards Update course for 3 hours. He sends in a booking to the CPD Department, quoting his training ticket number, and he receives a confirmation to say that he is booked onto the courses. The practice now has 10 points left on the training ticket.

    Ms I. Help works as Mr A. Counts assistant. She is not a Chartered Accountants Ireland member or an Accountant but she notices a flyer for a Performance Improvement course and decides that this looks really interesting. She books the course and 7 points are taken off the training ticket. The practice now has 3 points left on the training ticket.

    Ms L. Egal also works at My First Accountancy Practice. Whilst looking for some training on employment law she comes across a 3 hour CPD course and decides that this is the course for her. She makes a booking and 3 points are taken off the training ticket. The practice has now used up all 20 points on their ticket.

    Everyone in the practice is happy. They have all received excellent training from a well-respected & professional training provider and they have saved themselves money!

  4. Which courses can I attend using my training ticket?

    Training tickets can be used in payment for most regular CPD courses, as well as our online eCPD courses and practical IT courses. All training tickets are valid until 31st December in the year in which they are purchased.

  5. Are there any courses I can't use my training ticket for?

    Training tickets can only be used in payment towards CPD-sanctioned courses & events that are offered through Chartered Accountants Ireland. Training tickets cannot be used for post-qualification/further education programmes.

  6. Can I carry unused points over to next year?

    No. All training tickets expire on 31st December of the year in which they were purchased.

    Unused points cannot be carried over to the following year, so it is important to use up all ticket points before the expiry date.

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