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Welcome to Chartered Accountants Ireland

We welcome you as a student of the Institute and wish you success in your studies.

The following provides comprehensive details of what you’ll need to know for the upcoming academic year 2020/21, with a special focus on the new online mode of education delivery.

FAE course information

Introduction to online education 2020/21

The ongoing nature of the COVID-19 pandemic has caused all academic institutions including Chartered Accountants Ireland to fundamentally reassess their education delivery model and plan for a very different future. Following the lockdown in March, you’ll be aware that the Institute announced a move to an exclusively online education provision model for the academic year 2020/21.

In many respects, the Chartered education experience hasn’t changed. Blended learning has been a feature of Institute education for several years, and in moving to online learning for the remainder of last year’s academic year, we gained valuable experience. So, in launching an online-only education model this year, we’re building on a strong base.

Quality is the cornerstone of our education experience and will be maintained. We’ve spent the Summer learning what works best in online, distance education and we’re looking forward to rolling it out live from 16 November.

The information below will help you to get started on the right foot. The team are here to guide and support you throughout the year, and if you need more information please do get in touch.

  • Bogdan Bartoszewski - Programme Leader
  • Orna Kelleher - FAE Programme Co-ordinator
  • Laura Gore - NI FAE Programme Co-ordinator
Contacting us

Please visit the ‘Contact Us’ page, or email FAE@charteredaccountants.ie. Bogdan and the team will be supporting you throughout the year.

Student FAQs can be found here.

Section 2: FAE Learning Principle

Competency Statement

The competency statement is created by the examinations team and outlines the knowledge and skills examinable for the FAE. A summary of changes to the FAE competency statement for 20/21 is also provided by the team. Both documents will be available online within the Learning Hub (online education platform).

Learning Journal

The learning journal is designed by the education team and the lecturers to help you map your study and we strongly recommend that you use it to guide your preparation and track your progress. The learning journal is referenced back to the competencies outlined in the competency statement. It will be available online within the Learning Hub (online education platform) and includes the planning and delivery schedule for each subject.

CA Diary

In addition to undertaking the professional education programme, a key element of the CA route to membership is the upkeep and completion of the CA Diary, which documents your relevant work experience. Further information on the CA Diary can be found here. The CA Diary is monitored by the Training Support team and they can be contacted through the ‘Contact Us’ page or email trainingsupport@charteredaccountants.ie

FAE Committee Report

The FAE committee (FAEC) report contains commentary on each year’s FAE exam. It serves as a formal reflection of previous exam performance and offers invaluable advice to students sitting upcoming exams. The FAEC reports can be found under the past paper section.

Cumulative Principle

Our education programme is based on cumulative knowledge. Building on competencies examined at CAP1 and CAP2, FAE assumes your knowledge and tests your understanding and application of that knowledge in a real business-type scenario. You will be expected to think like a professional, in an integrated manner, and give the professional analysis and advice expected of a Chartered Accountant.

Detailed syllabi for CAP1 and CAP2 can be found in the relevant Competency Statements. These are very beneficial to identify any knowledge gaps, especially for those who have been granted exemptions from the Masters of Accounting and have not previously studied with the Institute.

Section 3: Education Delivery & The Learning Hub

The Learning Hub (a new platform based on Moodle) will be your one-stop-shop for all Chartered Accountants Ireland student education provision, lectures, notes, webinars, discussion forums as well as important notifications and news updates. You’ll be receiving your link to the Learning Hub with details on how and where to log in. In the Induction section, you’ll learn where to access your recorded lectures and webinars, and how to navigate.

Each subject will be broken up into short learning ‘sessions’. Sessions are usually comprised of:    

  • A short introduction
  • Lecture notes and question & solution banks available to download
  • Recorded online lectures, available to view where and when you choose
  • Live webinars – please refer to your timetables
  • Knowledge checks
  • Other components like ‘ask me anything’ sessions, polls, exam papers.

In order to ensure a high-quality learning experience, please note that much of the content in the sessions is ‘gated’. Some material will need to be viewed in sequence e.g. Strategic Management and Leadership- session 1 must be completed before starting on SMAL session 2.

Please note that the responsibility lies with the student to complete all the pre-work required before webinars. Webinars have a particular purpose, for practical application of prior knowledge. Lecturers will not be going through the slide content and notes, so students must ensure they have completed the pre-work that is outlined in the timetables, in order to avoid falling behind.

What you’ll see in The Learning Hub on day one

For many students, this will be the first time that you will be engaging with education on a fully online basis, but similarly it’s been a massive shift for the Institute too. So, in order to manage the shift to online, there will be no ‘big bang’ with everything available on day one.  Instead, students will see the first section of their syllabus covering approximately the first two months.

As we go on, we’ll be creating syllabus material in batches throughout the year, consistent with principle of continuous, incremental improvement and capturing lessons learned. So this means we’ll start with a really solid educational offering and with further improvements planned.

This will mean that the timetables released won’t cover the full academic year in the traditional sense. Instead, the first FAE timetable will cover the period November to end December, and timetable 2, covering the second block release, will be released at the start of December. To access these, please visit ‘timetables’ page.

Webinars are the main time-bound education delivery items, and they will be broadcast on early evenings and weekends, with duration of between 90-120 mins.


Chartered Accountants Ireland facilitates the recording of attendance at lectures for training organisations. Webinar attendance is captured through registrations in the webinar platform. Students must fill in their information including student number and training firm. A report is then generated which shows if the student attended and engaged during the webinar.

Students will be expected to engage with online education. This will take the form of viewing pre-recorded lectures at a time and place that suits the student, and also joining in live webinars. Students will be advised of timings of webinars as part of timetables. Students should, wherever possible, attend live webinars at the scheduled time - recordings are intended for students who are genuinely unable to attend on the day.

Integrated Case Days

Throughout the academic year, the education team will deliver seven Integrated Case Days (ICDs) as part of the FAE Core module. This integrated case study approach will demonstrate how to integrate the knowledge and skills obtained from earlier studies and the work environment. 

Attendance at all seven ICDs is deemed mandatory. Students who are absent from more than two of the case days will be considered to have not successfully completed the FAE programme and consequently become ineligible to sit the FAE examination in the 2020/21 academic cycle.

FAE Timetables

2020/21 timetables reflect our policy this year to release learning material and post it to the Learning Hub in small, four-week chunks, so that we can keep taking on board your feedback and making incremental improvements.

On that basis, you won’t see a full, annual timetable at the start of the year. Your first FAE timetable will cover the period November to December, with the second timetable released start of December, covering block release 2. A similar approach will be adopted to the further block releases in 2021.

Your first lecture will include an induction talk which will give guidance on what to expect during the academic year.

We do our best to avoid any timetable changes, but they can happen due to unforeseen circumstances. If a change is required, we will send an e-mail to let you know so please ensure that both your mobile number and email details are correct on your student portal.

The FAE timetable can be found here.

Section 4:  exams & interim assessments

Exams 2021 – E-Assessment

Earlier in 2020, in response to the public health guidelines and COVID-19, the Institute moved to fully online exams, via an E-Assessment platform. Given the success of this rollout, all exams in 2021 will be carried out using the same E-Assessment platform. All agreed dates for exams, interim exams and mocks are now available to view on the key dates page.  

The main Core & Electives exams and the AAFRP (Advanced Application of Financial Reporting Principles) interim assessment will be taken on the new online exam platform.

Students can attempt an exam on this platform at home or in work, as long as they have a laptop with a camera and microphone, adequate broadband connection and a quiet room. There is a full suite of information explaining the platform, how you’ll sit the exams, and a technology checklist to ensure your exam goes smoothly. Please take the time to read and view all the training material available.

Section 5:  Key dates, ethics, book distribution, data & privacy policies

Key dates

FAE key dates can be found here.


As a Chartered Accountant student, you are bound by the code of ethics and ethics regularly comes up in exams across all three levels. We have created some online recordings to assist FAE students in understanding the importance of ethics and how to answer ethical style questions.

Download the Chartered Accountants Ireland Code of Ethics.


The required books for your course are included in the course fee.  As your enrolment has now been completed, your book order will be shipped directly from our providers warehouse using DPD couriers.

Further details on book distribution can be found here.

Book queries can be sent to: textbookqueries@charteredaccountants.ie. Please remember to include your student number in the subject line.

Data & privacy policies

Please note that in some cases student interaction may be recorded as part of our online delivery service. Our data policy, privacy settings and acceptable usage policy will all be outlined in our Course Information page which will be available on the Institute website shortly.