Information for GB/NI Licensed Insolvency Practitioners

What do Insolvency Practitioners need to do?

You will need to tell anyone who wishes to make a complaint about you that they need to make their complaint via the gateway.

From 1 May 2018 complaints made under NI legislation will also be referred to the Complaints Gateway.

If you include details of your complaints procedure in your engagement terms, you will need to change them to refer to the Gateway. You will also need to update your complaints procedure.

We appreciate it can take time to make changes to websites, etc., so we don’t expect you to make these changes immediately but they should be completed by 1 May 2018. We don’t expect you to inform existing clients or the creditors in cases where you have already been formally appointed as office holder, unless you wish to do so. If anyone complains to Chartered Accountants Ireland during that period, we will simply forward the complaint to the Gateway. For more information on the Gateway, please refer to Complaints Gateway page of this website.

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