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Liam Lynch

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It is with great pleasure that we present the strategy for Chartered Accountants Ireland for the five years to 2020, as adopted by Council 5 May 2015. This strategy does not set out to be a template for everything we do, and nor does it displace everything that is currently being done. Existing services and supports to members, whether directly from Chartered Accountants Ireland or through the various district and student societies and network groups, will remain and develop.

Our strategy does seek to identify the areas that set us apart and improve these for the benefit of all members, whether they are in practice, working in business or the public sector, or in any of a myriad of other occupations.


Chartered Accountants are premier Irish business professionals, respected around the globe. Their training is an ideal foundation for agile business leaders who use their skills to create value in an increasingly complex and global environment. We will ensure that this is both the reality of being a Chartered Accountant and is accepted as being the reality by the business community and society generally.


Chartered Accountants Ireland exists to ensure that there are the professional accountants with the integrity, skills, expertise and judgement necessary to support the economy and society.

Our students

Ensuring a highly educated and practically trained stream of Chartered Accountants to meet the rapidly changing needs of business and society generally.

Our enablers

Providing communication, support, business and social networks to ensure the relevance of the profession in the daily lives of members, and to enable the profession to benefit from the support of individual members.


Our members

Improving services and providing value for money to members while promoting high standards of behaviour based on our core values and continuing to implement detailed business and financial planning processes.

Our voice

Projecting the unique perspective of the profession as a distinctive and independent voice in society, that also speaks for the legitimate professional and business interests of members.


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