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Guidance documents

A number of guidance documents issued by Chartered Accountants Ireland and CCABI I to assist members.  Some of the documents listed below have been agreed with third parties. 

Access these documents

  • IS 02/2009 Invest NI Grant Claims (2009)
  • IS 06/2010 Construction Workers Pension Scheme - Letter of Compliance (2010)
  • IS 03/2003 Due diligence engagement - "Hold Harmless" letter (2003)
  • M27 Accountants' Reports on Licence Applications to the Department of Tourism, Transport and Communications, Dublin (1996)
  • M35 Solicitor's Accounts Regulations 1998 - Northern Ireland
  • M36 Firms' Reports and Duties to Lenders in Connection with Loans and other Facilities to Clients and Related Covenants (2001)
  • M39 Reporting to third parties (2002)
  • M41 Chartered Accountants' reports on the Compilation of financial Statements of incorporated entities (2004)
  • M43 Compilation of Alternative Annual Reports of Certain Pension Schemes in the Republic of Ireland (2005)
  • M45 Grant Claims  (2006)
  • M48 Chartered Accountants' Reports on the Compilation of Historical Financial Information of Unincorporated Entities (2006)
  • M49 Reporting to the Audit Bureau of Circulations Limited (ABC) (2009)
  • TR 01 2016 Solicitors Accounts regulations 2014 Republic of Ireland
Please note that the publication date is as stated above and these documents have not been updated for this website.  There may be references to other documents, standards and legislation which has been withdrawn, updated or superseded.

Users may wish to research such matters if using some of these document.