Diploma in Data Analytics and Strategy

Focusing on real life data analytic challenges

Programme overview

The impact of data on real life business challenges is extensive, often requiring you to use practical hands-on data analysis skills, be able to define how data is being used in your business unit or organisation, and to effectively communicate data-related issues with key stakeholders.

This brand new, innovative and specially developed programme meets this need and will fast track your career to becoming a strategic thinking data leader in your organisation with the practical skills required.

Who is it for?

The Diploma in Data Analytics and Strategy is designed for participants from business backgrounds and does not require any pre-existing expertise with data analytics or strategy. Participants who take the programme would typically be seeking to obtain a practical level of knowledge to enable them to support and develop their organisation, as well as their own practical data analysis skills.
We focus on the key skills required of C-suite leaders and partners to best equip you with leadership ability and status.

Why should you study this programme?

The Diploma in Data Analytics and Strategy has been developed based on research of the key skills required of those working business who would like to be able to add value to their organisation through increased knowledge of data, strategy, governance and analysis.
You will develop key data problem solving skills, including hands-on data analysis skills using a number of different software solutions, as well as learning how to visualise results. In addition, you will gain the skills to enable you to effectively story tell with data. These will empower you on your personal journey to understand, analyse and add value to your organisation through data.

Content overview

Across the six modules, this programme combines theory with a very practical hands-on focus to boost your understanding of data and how to provide valuable data insights to your organisation. We work to enable you to understand the key elements of deriving business value from data and to provide delivery of insights. You will learn the vital practical skills around presenting data analysis and solutions to stakeholders. The programme is a pivotal step on your data learning journey.

At a glance
Start date 17 April 2020 
Note: new dates available here
Registration: Opening soon
Duration Five months
Format Distance learning only
 Fees Member fee: €3,365
Other professionals: €3,735
 Assessment Assignment one (after module one)
Assignment two (after module four)
Presentation (after module six)

Unsure if this programme is right for you?

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