Specialist qualifications terms and conditions


  • The Institute reserves the right to change the programmes being offered and programme prices may be subject to change.
  • Every effort has been made to ensure that the information contained on these pages is accurate and current.
  • Our programmes are subject to capacity so we cannot always guarantee that places will be available for any particular programme.
  • In the unlikely event that we need to cancel or reschedule a programme, all fees for that instance of that programme will be fully refundable.
  • Every care has been taken to ensure the accuracy of the information presented in our brochures, on the specialist qualifications web pages, in our personal communications with you, during programme modules and in our hard copy programme materials. However, the specialist qualifications team are not responsible for errors or omissions and makes no warranty - either express or implied - with respect to the content of the material delivered.
  • The specialist qualifications team cannot be held responsible for any consequences from the application of the information contained on our website or in lectures, manuals, printed materials and other communication and training provided.
  • We reserve the right to change and update our terms and conditions.


  • Upon receipt of your application, we will endeavour to respond with email acknowledgement within one working day.
  • All correspondence other than your exam notification letter (where applicable) will be sent by email. It is important that you update your "my account" area of the website of any changes to your contact details during the programme.


  • Full payment of fees or the provision of a PO number will be required at or before commencement of a participant's starting of a programme, unless other arrangements have been specifically agreed in writing.
  • In cases where fees remain outstanding after the second module of a programme (other than when instalment agreements have been made), participants may not be permitted to attend or access the programme or its materials until fees are paid.
  • No participant, including those on instalment payment plans, will be permitted to sit their exam (where applicable) or receive their final result in cases where fees are outstanding.

Instalment payment options

  • Instalment payments allows participants to spread the cost of their programme over four payments, with the first payment being charged at registration and then the remaining payments being charged to a debit/credit card on agreed dates.
  • We cannot administer instalment payment plans by bank transfer, direct debit or cheque. To avail of instalment payment plans, please book through our website.

Programme materials: access and delivery

  • We endeavour to ensure all materials are received by distance learners in advance of their programme start date. We encourage you to apply before the application closing date to assist us in sending your materials in sufficient time, especially if you are based overseas.
  • If applications are received after the closing date, we cannot guarantee you will receive your materials before the start date.
  • Hard copy materials are sent by standard post; should you wish to have express or registered post, this cost may be added to your invoice.
  • For many of our programmes, hard copy notes are also uploaded to Moodle meaning you will have access to materials and content from enrolment. 
  • Late applications are made at your own risk and as such requests for assessment extensions will not be entertained on the grounds of late receipt of materials in these instances.
  • Recorded content is deemed a supplementary learning resource with the programme manual and notes considered the main learning resource required to complete a programme. All efforts are made to upload recorded content to Moodle within two to three working days from the date of the classroom session. If it is not possible to do so due to technical errors or other delays, this is not deemed grounds for extension for any assessment or exam.

Programme deferrals

We know that sometimes circumstances mean you cannot complete your programme as or when you planned. We would like to see you achieve your qualification, so you may be able to defer to the next consecutive iteration of your programme. There are some terms and conditions for this

  • Deferrals may be granted subject to the capacity to accommodate you on future programmes.
  • Deferral are granted at the discretion of Chartered Accountants Ireland. Deferral requests must be made online using the "my diploma" page.
  • Deferral requests can only be considered and confirmed once an online request is made.
  • Deferrals, where granted, will be to the next available iteration of the same programme for which you are enrolled.
  • Deferrals are not transferable to other programmes.
  • Deferrals are not refundable.
  • A €150 deferral fee will apply. The deferral fee covers access to the new programme materials and content.
  • Participants who defer their programme can carry their successful assignment marks achieved from their original programme to the new programme to the next immediate iteration only. Subsequent deferrals will require participants to repeat programme assignments with the new iteration of the programme.
  • Participants can repeat their exam or final assessment a total of two times. Participants who do not present on the scheduled day of an exam who have not given prior notification of their absence will be deemed to have failed that exam.

Study leave/education leave guidelines

Specialist qualifications are part-time and are designed and scheduled to allow participants to complete in a reasonably short timeframe. It is recommended that employers will allocate reasonable measures to participants to complete their programme of study without undue strain on their other professional and personal commitments. Employers should endeavour to ensure an appropriate balance between organisational needs and the participant's career and personal goals as well as the future benefit of the new skills and knowledge to be gained.

It is strongly advised that participants and employers discuss their needs transparently prior to enrolling. At all times, the organisation's policies, operational needs and the employee's statutory rights should be at the forefront of these discussions. 

Programmes completed by classroom learning will entail attendance for each module according to the programme's particular schedule. Attendance forms an important and valuable element of the programme and should be allocated the necessary time.

Employers and employees should be transparent from the outset as to what is expected and what is required.

Cancellations, participant substitutions and refunds

  • Cancellations will only be accepted if submitted in writing no later than two full weeks before the scheduled start date of the programme.
  • Fees will not be refunded for any programme which has already started, regardless of whether a participant has enrolled late.
  • Once a programme has started, full fees will be payable. Cancellations made after this time will incur the full programme fee.
  • Firms may substitute a participant before the start of the programme (assuming the new participant is eligible for that programme). 
  • We do not accept telephone cancellations.
  • After the cancellation period has expired you are required to pay the full programme fee in full or by instalments.
  • We accept no obligation to refund any fee, or part thereof, in respect of a participant who withdraws from a programme.
  • Applications for refunds on medical or other extenuating circumstances should be addressed directly to Joe Carroll (Learning and Development Manager) and will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.
    If applicable, a refund will only be made payable to the person or company who made the original payment.

Non Chartered Accountants Ireland members

It should be noted that while we welcome applications from non-members, we will require proof on your relevant accountancy qualification (scanned copy of certificate or transcript).
If you do not hold an eligible accountancy qualification and are applying on the basis of your professional experience, please outline your relevant accounting/financial experience in advance, confirming that you have reviewed and understand the programme syllabus and that our programmes are pitched at a level which generally require a level of financial fluency (similar to a qualified accountant) and that you are comfortable engaging with the content.

Use and protection of your personal information.

The Institute will use the information which you have provided by you to respond to your request or process your transaction and will hold and protect it in accordance with the Institute's privacy statement which explains your rights in relation to your personal data.

Online learning platforms

Programme content and assessment is accessed in the main on online, externally provided learning platforms where necessary content is uploaded. Interaction between participants is possible here and users' names are visible to each other.

Event privacy

The Institute has an event privacy notice. When accepting terms and conditions, you accept that you have read and accept this notice.

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