Programme funding with IFS Skillnet

We are excited to announce that we are now offering the following courses in association with IFS Skillnet, recognising the immediate impact of bringing these skills into your organisation.

IFS Skillnet

IFS Skillnet is co-funded by Skillnet Ireland and member companies. It’s aim is to support the IFS  sector in maintaining Ireland’s position as a top international financial services centre, through ongoing investment in the development of the skills and expertise of this workforce. 

  1. Confirm your eligibility:

    a) IFS Skillnet funding is available for companies operating in the financial services sector and companies that provide IT, Legal, Accounting and Business consulting services to the sector. You can check here to see if your company is a member.

    b) If not listed, your company may be eligible to become an IFS Skillnet Member Company by applying online. For any queries concerning funding, you can contact IFS Skillnet directly

    Funding is only available if your course fees are either paid directly by your employer or paid by the individual and later reimbursed by the employer. You will be required to submit a letter from your employer to IFS Skillnet, stating that you will be reimbursed once the programme is complete.

  2. Apply for your place:

    a) Complete Chartered Accountants Ireland application form for the programme you are applying for 

    b) Email completed forms and supporting documentation to the Institute at

  3. IFS Skillnet documentation: complete the IFS Skillnet Training Profile form here. Once approved, you will receive an invoice directly from IFS Skillnet.

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