Assertive Communications


To be able to influence in meetings, presentations and general business interactions is a key interpersonal skill.  Assertive communication skills provide you with the tools and techniques to communicate effectively and with clarity. Being able to challenge constructively and with confidence is an inherent skill for managing different stakeholders in business. 

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Belfast, The Linenhall, 32-38 Linenhall Street, Belfast
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10 December 2019 09:30
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10 December 2019 17:00
Price: €200.96  (€190.92 Member price)
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Fiona Flynn


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CPD course

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This is relevant for all levels and positions

Course overview 

  • Individual and group objectives
  • Key components of Communication - Words, Tone, body language
  • Learn how neuroscience and our attitudes and emotions impact on the effectiveness of Communication.
  • Self-Awareness – how do we show up when communicating
  • Learn how to build trust and respect through assertive communications
  • Understand Passive/Agressive/Assertive communications styles in conflct handling
  • Understand defensive habits – what triggers them? / How to manage them?
  • State Management - Tips for positive body language
  • Reading your audience – understand body language
  • Listening techniques for effective Communication
  • Learn effective techniques to communicate assertively
  • Build a relationship map – Understanding how to influence and communicate effectively with different personality types.
  • Role plays – practice communicating assertively
  • Practical Tips and Techniques that can be applied on a daily basis
  • Action plans and learning points

Key learning outcomes

  • Be better equipped to prepare a complaint audit file.
  • Understand the primary reasons for cultural failure.
  • Appreciate the strategic imperative for an ethical approach to business
  • Tetter manage project timelines