FAE Summer Exams  (August) 2019

The following  list of exam venues are available for students who are due to sit the FAE Summer exams in August 2019.  If you wish to change exam location please make this change online before close of business on Friday 2 August. 


Exam Location



Athlone Institute of Technology, Athlone, Co Westmeath


Belfast Bowls Club, 115 Milltown Road, Shaws Bridge Road, Belfast BT8 7XP


Bishopstown GAA Club, Bishopstown, Cork


Waterfoot Hotel, Caw Roundabout, Derry BT47 6TB


RDS, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4


Galway Racecourse, Ballybrit, Galway


Thomond Park, Limerick


Sligo Institute of Technology, Ballinode, Sligo


Waterford Institute of Technology, Cork Road, Waterford


Changes to exam venues will not be permissible after Friday 2 August.  Any queries please email faeexam@charteredaccountants.ie

Exam info: FAE (Final Admitting Examination)

John O’Callaghan, chairman of the FAE Committee discusses the 2018 FAE results and offers valuable advice for prospective candidates.

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Competency statement (applicable for students sitting exams in summer 2019)

Exam enrolment for FAE

Students on an educational program for FAE will automatically be enrolled for their first sitting of their FAE exams.  Students sitting for their first attempt at FAE must sit in the main summer sitting.

Students needing to repeat an exam at FAE will need to enrol on the exam through our website.

Students need to be aware that late exam enrolments are not permitted once the closing date for exam entry has passed.

Assessment at FAE

This examination completes the qualification process and marks the start of a career as a Chartered Accountant; a career of life-long learning. The final examination elements are:

FAE Core: the core syllabus will be examined over two days and comprises several case studies.  Candidates will be expected to integrate knowledge, experience and skills across all technical areas when answering these cases.  In addition, candidates will be expected to complete a interim assessment assignment in the area of Advanced Application of Financial Reporting Principles.

FAE Elective: five electives are currently on offer: one each in the areas of Advanced Auditing & Assurance, Advanced Taxation (ROI/NI), Advisory (previously known as Advanced Performance Management (APM)), Financial Services and Public Sector.

Students should also note that completion of the Advanced Auditing & Assurance elective will be a pre-requisite for obtaining an audit certificate.

Students of the Advanced Taxation elective may wish to pursue their studies in tax beyond FAE and may be interested in our professional tax qualification  Chartered Tax Consultant which can be completed in just one year.

Please note that while taking the elective would serve anyone undertaking Chartered Tax Consultant well in terms of preparation and readiness, it does not grant an exemption from any element of the programme.

Paper Subject Interim assessment Examination
Weight Description Weight Description
Paper 1 CORE: Comprehensive (up to 15%) AAFRP (Advanced Application of Financial Reporting Principles) min 7 - max 9 indicators four hour + 30 min reading time exam paper (open book)
Paper 2 CORE: Simulations min 7 - max 9 indicators four hour + 30 min reading time exam paper (open book)
Paper 3 ELECTIVE: Advanced Audit & Assurance (up to 15%)
Audit Elective min 7 - max 9 indicators
four hour + 30 min reading time exam paper (open book)
ELECTIVE: Advisory (up to 15%) Advisory Elective min 7 - max 9 indicators
four hour + 30 min reading time exam paper (open book)
ELECTIVE: Advanced Tax ROI & NI (up to 15%)
Taxation Elective min 7 - max 9 indicators
four hour + 30 min reading time exam paper (open book)
  ELECTIVE: Financial Services (up to 15%)  Financial Services Elective  min 7 - max 9 indicators  four hour + 30 min reading time exam paper (open book)
   ELECTIVE: Public Sector   (up to 15%)  Public Sector Elective  min 7 - max 9 indicators four hour + 30 min reading time exam paper (open book)
  • Papers 1, 2, 3 Exam duration is four and a half hours per paper.
  • Candidates are required to choose one of four Elective papers on offer.
  • In the Elective paper, Taxation, candidates may choose to sit either the Northern Ireland (NI) or the Republic of Ireland (ROI) version of the paper.

Cost of FAE exams 2019

FAE Summer & Autumn Main sitting exam fee  - Core €440/£378 - Elective €215/£185
FAE Interim Assessments - All subjects €85/£73

Exam results

The results for the FAE exams and interim assessments will be published on the Exam Results page in the Student Centre area.

Recommended downloads: FAE

Recommended education/study leave

The Institute recommends that training firms provide time off to their students to present for examination.  The recommended education/study leave is intended to accommodate attendance on education courses, e.g. block release, and private study.

The following recommendations are made in relation to education/study leave for those preparing as first attempt candidates for the FAE exams:

Paper Recommended study leave Exam leave
Papers 1, 2, 3 35 working days in total one day (on day of exam) per subject
Any repeat/resit exam N/A one day (on day of exam) per subject
Excludes Interim Assessment resits

NOTE: Recommended education/study leave is exclusive of time required to sit the examination.  Additional time off for sitting examinations is also recommended.

Please ensure you update your email address via the Profile page if you are going on study leave.  There will be several important notifications being circulated in relation to the exams shortly before the exams and it is in your best interest to have this information as soon as it is circulated. This will include your exam notification letter with your exam number which must be presented during registration each day of your exams.

Exam centre

By default, you will be registered at the centre where you attend the course. 

If you wish to change your exam centre, you must do so online before the deadline below.  It is YOUR responsibility as a student to ensure that you have made any changes before this deadline as changes cannot be made once the deadline has passed.

  • Deadline for requests: Friday 2 August 2019

Number of attempts

Students may make a maximum of three attempts over three consecutive academic cycles.  It is mandatory for students to make the main exam sitting their first attempt.  Students may sit their remaining examinations over the main and/or resit sittings.

Should a student not present for either the main or resit sitting in an academic cycle, they are deemed to have forfeited one attempt.

Adjudication of results

  1. Candidates are required to pass each subject independently.
  2. In order to pass each subject, the candidate must achieve a minimum of 50% or better (based on amalgamation of any applicable Interim Assessment component and the examination paper)
  3. Independent passes in each subject are referred to as credits.Where a candidate obtains a credit in every subject in the combination of subjects sat, his result will be adjudicated as Pass.

Extenuating circumstances affecting exam performance

If there are medical or other extenuating circumstances which you wish to have considered by the FAE Committee (FAEC) at adjudication please complete and return the Medical Special Circumstances Application Form below together with supporting evidence. This form should only be submitted after an examination session within ten working days of the final exam to the following address:

Chartered Accountants Ireland
Exams Department
47-49 Pearse Street
Dublin 2

Have a query?

If you have a query, please refer to our Support & Services page and contact the relevant department with your query.

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