CPD online courses FAQs

  1. What are pre-recorded CPD courses?

    Pre-recorded CPD courses are online courses, purchased and accessed via the web. Chartered Accountants Ireland currently offers several types of eCPD course.

    These courses provide up-to-date technical information on a range of subjects from Financial Reporting to Taxation. Our Pre-recorded CPD courses consist of audio recordings and slides, from courses that have taken place as part of our regular classroom-based CPD schedule. The user can hear the presenter and see the presentation slides move along on screen in time with the audio recording.

    Nelson Croom online courses

    These courses provide an overview of a range of topics designed specifically for Accounting & Finance professionals. These are text based courses with quizzes and practice scenarios designed to test your knowledge.

  2. What are the benefits of pre-recorded CPD courses?

    1. No need to spend time travelling to the course
    2. Learn at a time that suits you
    3. Revisit the course as often as you like within 6 months of purchase
    4. Pre-recorded CPD courses can count towards Chartered Accountants Ireland structured CPD requirements
    5. Purchase inexpensive pre-recorded CPD courses quickly and easily online using a credit/laser card or a valid CPD Training Ticket
  3. How do I purchase a pre-recorded CPD Course?

    Follow the steps below:

    1. Step 1: take a look at the list of courses currently available for download.
    2. Step 2: select the course you wish to purchase by clicking 'Buy Now'. You will then be taken to the Chartered Accountants Ireland Shop where you can check out to buy the course, or continue shopping to add more products to your cart. When you are ready to purchase your courses click the 'Checkout' button.
    3. Step 3: you will be taken to a page asking if you wish to pay for your purchase using a training ticket. If you are paying with a training ticket enter your training ticket number in the box and click 'Apply Ticket'. If you are not paying with a training ticket click the 'No' option.
    4. Step 4: enter your billing & delivery details (if applicable). If you are paying for some of the items in your shopping cart using a credit card you should also enter your credit card details on this page. Click 'Confirm Payment' when you are finished entering your details.
    5. Step 5: you will now see a summary of your order. Click 'Confirm' if you are happy with the details. Click 'Cancel' otherwise.
  4. How soon can I access my courses?

    Upon purchasing your pre-recorded CPD course you will see a link on the confirmation screen. If you click this link you will be directed to the course and you can start to use it straight away.

    Access to your courses is available any time by logging in to your account, for 6 months from the date of purchase.

  5. How do I access my courses?

    Log in to the Chartered Accountants Ireland website and go to the 'MyAccount' area.

    In the 'Courses Listing' area of your account click on the [Course] option or [Notes] option if applicable for the relevant purchase. This will bring up the transaction details including a link giving you access to your course.

    NOTE: Pre-recorded CPD courses purchased before the launch of the new website, for which the access period is still valid, can be found under 'Imported Courses' instead of 'Courses Listing' - please make sure to log-in to the website with the same username and password used when purchasing the course

  6. What are the technical requirements?

    In order to play pre-recorded CPD courses on your PC you will need a flash enabled browser and Adobe flash version 8 or later. These courses have been tested using firefox version 2.0 and in Internet Explorer version 7.0 only. Please be aware that courses may take between 5 to 10 minutes to load using a broadband connection.

    We strongly recommend that people try the demo course before purchasing any of our pre-recorded CPD courses, in order to ensure that you have enough bandwidth to view a presentation.

  7. Can I download a demonstration pre-recorded CPD course?

    Yes, a demo pre-recorded CPD course is available for download here.

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