Reasonable accommodation in assessment and exams and application for extenuating circumstances

Reasonable accommodation

Candidates with a disability or temporary impairment may apply for reasonable accommodation in examinations and assessments.

For further information in relation to the supports available and the process for applying for reasonable accommodation please refer to the Reasonable Accommodations in Examinations Policy.

To apply, please download and complete the Reasonable Accommodation Application Form and return to the Disability Officer at least eight weeks before your first exam/interim assessment.

Extenuating circumstances

Candidates may make representations regarding extenuating circumstances affecting their performance e.g. medical condition, or other personal circumstances.  Normally, all such representations should be fully complete and must be submitted within ten working days after the final day of the examination session concerned. 

The application form below must be completed in full and returned with original up to date supporting evidence (photocopies and scanned versions will not be accepted).

Representations received by the due date will be given consideration in the adjudication of results by the PEC/FAEC.

Have a query?

For queries regarding Reasonable Accommodation please contact the Disability Officer Arleta Wronska from our Support & Services page.

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