Complaints and discipline

Chartered Accountants Ireland will look into all written complaints against members, member firms, students and affiliates of Chartered Accountants Ireland and will commence proceedings in relation to disciplinary matters.

For more information on how the complaints and disciplinary process works, please read our guide to making a complaint and to the disciplinary process.

Who can make a complaint?

Anyone can make a complaint, for example, clients, other accountants, regulators, oversight bodies, members of the public and internal committees.

Before making a complaint 

In many cases a complaint can be resolved by discussing it with the Chartered Accountant as often problems stem from a misunderstanding or lack of communication. We urge complainants to attempt this first before making a complaint to Chartered Accountants Ireland. In some instances we may be able to facilitate conciliation between the complainant and the Chartered Accountant. However, if the problem cannot be resolved or if the issues are serious disciplinary proceedings may be necessary.

Information and guidance

The following documents have been also prepared to assist those involved in the disciplinary process, these are available by clicking on the links below: 

Complaints about GB/NI Licensed Insolvency Practitioners

A single Gateway for complaints against Insolvency Practitioners (IPs) has been developed and will be operated by the Insolvency Service of Great Britain.  This means that complaints against GB/NI licensed IPs which come within the jurisdiction of the Insolvency Service of Great Britain and Northern Ireland must all be sent to the Gateway for initial consideration by the Gateway staff.

Member Support

Whilst the members of the Professional Conduct Team are not permitted to offer guidance on dealing with the substance of a disciplinary matter, queries in relation to procedural aspects of the process may be dealt with.

If there are any aspects of the matter that you wish to discuss in confidence, you may contact Conal Kennedy, Members’ Disciplinary Process Adviser and Head of Practice Consulting. Mr Kennedy is not part of the professional conduct team or involved in the disciplinary process in any other way so unless you have previously consulted him regarding the disciplinary matter, he will have no prior knowledge of your case. The following documents have been also prepared to assist those involved in the disciplinary process

In addition Chartered Accountants SUPPORT can provide both practical and emotional assistance to members. For more information visit our SUPPORT page. To access SUPPORT contact Dee France, Support Co-Ordinator.

Conal Kennedy

Dee France

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