Career Development

Through the Career Development and Recruitment Service, we provide the best possible career support service at all stages throughout your career.


Examples of the services provided

  • Confidential one on one meetings (Phone Support also available)
  • Careers Advice and Coaching
  • Mentoring Support
  • Follow up meetings as required
  • Market, salary and benefits information
  • Advice during your salary review process
  • Support and guidance upon qualification
  • Interview advice and prepartion including role play
  • Advice on CV preparation
  • CV evaluation
  • Assistance with submitting applications
  • Support during a career change process
  • Advice on how to deal with a redundancy scenario
  • Support when returning to the workplace
  • Access to a panel of career guidance professionals nationwide

The service is member centric and is designed to deal with your individual requirements in a confidential and professional manner.

See the full list of services in the Professional Development /Careers area.

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