T2 This code refers to content for Level 2 Developing (3-10 yrs PQE) in technical skills ? Technical skills

What do they look like?

You may now have specialised and are more confident with IT. Project work can give the opportunity to strengthen your skills.

Your technical skills are the knowledge and abilities to perform your core business and financial duties, whichever area you are working in.

Auditing, accounting and financial reporting - What are the landmarks?

  • High level knowledge of auditing and accounting standards combined with the ability to interpret, apply and assess the impact on the organisation
  • Able to prepare financial statements for complex business combinations including consolidated accounts
  • Capable of researching and assessing the impact of relevant emerging technical issues and planning for these
  • Able to prepare reports for management decision making including the identification and analysis of data
  • Fully appreciate of the internal and external factors impacting on the organisation and the financial reporting implications
  • Have a  high level understanding of financial planning, budgeting, forecasting and cashflow analysis

Analytical skills - What are the landmarks?

  • Develop conceptual frameworks that guide your analysis
  • Be able to use and develop evaluation techniques
  • Be skilled in the use of financial modelling skills including speadsheets and quantitative methods for reporting and business decision making
  • Draw sound conclusions based upon a mixture of analysis and experience
  • Have sound knowledge of financial and non-financial performance evaluation methods

Project Management - What are the landmarks?

  • Be able to manage finance related projects and bring them to a successful conclusion

Information technology - What are the landmarks?

  • Be able to use financial accounting software at a high level to ensure that its benefits are maximised
  • Have advanced Excel skills as well as incorporating other Business Intelligence tools
  • Have a good knowledge of information system design, development and enhancement
  • Be able to apply IT to business and accounting problems

Organisational Alignment - What are the landmarks?

  • Knowledge of organisational structures and operations and how the finance function can support the development of the organisation
  • Develop and implement technical projects, programmes and processes aligned with the strategic needs and direction of the organisation

Development activities

How can you get there?

Here are our suggestions for boosting your skills in the three main areas at this stage of your career.
Don't forget, many of these are FREE!

  • Use this Career Pathway template to set goals, improve performance and identify gaps
  • Consider a specialist qualification in a relevant area like tax, cyber security, - IFRS, Corporate Governance/Strategic Finance
  • Attend CPD courses to keep your knowledge current
  • Read Accountancy Ireland
  • Use the Chariot resource available on Chartered Accountants website
  • Subscribe to free eNewsletters such as eNews/Tax News
  • Do some more Excel/Business Intelligence /Project Management training
  • Gain project experience
  • Attend industry/sector specific events
  • Contribute to technical publications
  • Provide technical training
  • Publish articles - Join a technical committee/group
  • Research relevant technical publications/journals
  • Obtain board experience - volunteer on a board

Career support

As a member at any stage in your career from newly qualified to post-retirement, our career service is here to support you. In full confidence, we'll coach you, help with your CV, give interview preparation tips, set up mentoring, help you find a role, or to find the best staff. Call us anytime you need us on +353 1 637 7331 or email us at careers@charteredaccountants.ie. We want to hear from you.

Courses & publication

Recommended specialist qualifications

Title Date (closing application)
Certificate in UK and Irish GAAP (FRS 100-102) Open - book anytime Read more
Diploma in Corporate Finance Sept 2019 Read more
Diploma in International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) Sept 2019 Read more
Certificate in Leadership Essentials Oct 2019 Read more
Diploma in Strategic Finance and Analytics Sept 2019 Read more
Diploma in Taxation Sept 2019 Read more
Certificate in Cyber Security and Data Incident Management Sept 2019 Read more
Advanced Certificate in US GAAP Sept 2019 Read more
Diploma in Risk Management, Internal Audit and Compliance Oct 2019 Read more
Chartered Tax Consultant Jan 2020 Read more
Diploma in Forensic Accounting and Investigation Feb 2020 Read more

Recommended CPD courses

TitleStart datePriceCPD hours 
CPD Blitz Red Cow17 Dec 2019 8Read more
Data Visualistation with Excel & PowerPoint for Accountants17 Dec 2019 7Read more
Building effective financial models - a practical approach12 Dec 2019 7Read more
CPD Blitz Conference in CA House12 Dec 2019 8Read more
CPD Blitz Waterford11 Dec 2019 8Read more
Excel Advanced NI11 Dec 2019 7Read more
Rolling forecasts with Excel11 Dec 2019 7Read more
CPD Blitz Cork10 Dec 2019 8Read more
Financial Reporting for Smalll and Medium Sized Companies10 Dec 2019 4Read more
Going into Practice06 Dec 2019 7Read more
Annual Tax Conference05 Dec 2019 3Read more
Tax Planning for the Family Company05 Dec 2019 3Read more
SQL - Interrogating Databases05 Dec 2019 7Read more
Tax Update for Accountants in Practice and in Industry05 Dec 2019 4Read more
Effective Business Partnering04 Dec 2019 7Read more
Enhance your Business Writing Skills04 Dec 2019 4Read more
Excel Advanced04 Dec 2019 7Read more
Excel Intermediate NI04 Dec 2019 7Read more
How to prepare public sector accounts – Departments04 Dec 2019 4Read more
Internal Audit & Risk Management Conference04 Dec 2019 7Read more
New Practitioners Forum04 Dec 2019 4Read more
Employment & Investment Incentive Scheme (EIIS) Masterclass03 Dec 2019 3Read more
Excel Intermediate03 Dec 2019 7Read more
Project Manangement Essentials02 Dec 2019 7Read more
Data Analysis with Excel28 Nov 2019 7Read more
How to prepare public sector accounts - Agency and NDPB28 Nov 2019 4Read more
IFRS's The Fundamentals28 Nov 2019 7Read more
Effective use of Capital Reliefs and Succession Planning27 Nov 2019 0Read more
Excel Advanced27 Nov 2019 7Read more
Accounting/Audit and Tax for smaller Practice26 Nov 2019 7Read more
Data Visulaisation with Excel & PowerPoint for Accountants26 Nov 2019 7Read more
Excel Intermediate26 Nov 2019 7Read more
Accounting & Auditing for regulated entities22 Nov 2019 4Read more
Forecasting Planning & Budgeting in today’s dynamic environment22 Nov 2019 7Read more
Business Plan Modelling using Excel21 Nov 2019 7Read more
CPD Blitz Conference Limerick21 Nov 2019 8Read more
US GAAP: Financial reporting under US accounting requirements21 Nov 2019 7Read more
Accounting in France, Italy and Germany20 Nov 2019 7Read more
Adding Value Beyond Reporting20 Nov 2019 7Read more
CPD Blitz Conference Galway20 Nov 2019 8Read more

Recomended CPD online courses

TitleStart datePriceCPD hours 
IFRS 17: A Fundamental Revision to Insurance Accounting Recorded01 Jan 2018 2Read more
Reorganisations, Liquidations & the Ssale of a Business Recorded01 Jan 2018 2Read more
Accounting for Charities Recorded01 Jan 2017 2Read more
Anti-Money Laundering Update Recorded01 Jan 2017 2Read more
Audit Reports NI Recorded01 Jan 2017 3Read more
Customs & VAT Post Brexit (ROI) Recorded01 Jan 2017 2Read more
FRS 102- Accounting for Debtors, Creditors and Other Finanical Instruments Recorded01 Jan 2017 2Read more
FRS 102 Practical Application Recorded01 Jan 2017 2Read more
Practical & Efficient Auditing Whilst Meeting the Regulations Recorded01 Jan 2017 2Read more

Recommended publications

A Practical Guide to Insolvency (3rd Edition)€45.00Read more
FRS 102 – The Financial Reporting Standard applicable in the UK and Republic of Ireland (March 2018)€40.00Read more
Members' Voluntary Liquidation Workpack (2nd Edition)€80.00Read more
VAT on Property: Law and Practice (2nd Edition)€60.00Read more

Future of the profession


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Future-Fit Accountants: Roles for the Next Decade See PDF
A Vision for the CFO & Finance Function See PDF
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What’s next for the profession? Foresight initiative makes urgent case for change See page

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