Chartered Accountants Ireland social media

Chartered Accountants Ireland uses a number of social media platforms to communicate with members and students.  The Institute aims to create meaningful, productive relationships by delivering relevant information though preferred channels. The Institute is committed to:

  • Making it easy for people to find and engage with us
  • Making it useful for people to engage with us
  • Integrating social media into our work
  • Using social media as way of delivering good service  
  • Demonstrating our values and promoting the Chartered Accountancy profession

Hours of service

Institute profiles are monitored regularly during working hours, weekdays 9.00 – 5.30. We will endeavour to respond promptly to any queries. For very urgent matters, please phone the Institute on Tel: +353 1 637 7200  / Tel: +44 28 90435840 or contact the relevant department.
T: (353) 1 637 7200 (ROI)
T: (44) 28 90435840 (NI)

Privacy and Security Policies

To protect your privacy and the privacy of others, please do not post personal information such as your membership number on any social media site. 

By accessing an external website (such as Facebook) you are also subject to the terms and conditions of that particular website.

Moderation policy

In delivering good service, we welcome your questions and commentary, including constructive feedback. However for the comfort of all participants, we expect all community members to behave in a reasonable way at all times. Personal abuse, offensive and unlawful activity will not be tolerated. We do reserve the right to remove posts and block any followers that do not adhere to our guidelines and that we deem to be the following:

  • Offensive, threatening, abusive or obscene language (including profanities and derogatory words) or content (including images, video, links etc.)
  • Anything advising or suggesting activities that may be harmful or dangerous
  • Comments or posts deemed to be completely off-topic and not of any relevance or connection to the theme of the page
  • Potentially libellous accusations or statements
  • Any spam or content for unrelated service or products
  • Anything of an illegal or unlawful nature
  • Any content (copy or imagery) that violates copyright or licence agreements
  • Any content that is disrespectful/offensive towards other community members or staff

Correspondence will not be entered into.

Twitter: A retweet does not imply an endorsement. The Institute does not engage in “follow campaigns” and tweets only on topics directly relevant to Chartered Accountancy and our members/students.

Facebook: Our moderation policy (above) applies to Facebook.

YouTube: Our moderation policy (above) applies to YouTube. In particular, we cannot accept any personal commentary on video interviewees.

LinkedIn Company page: Our moderation policy (above) applies to LinkedIN company page.

LinkedIn Group page: Our LinkedIN group is a valuable resource, for use by our members. For full group rules, please click here.